Boost Morale
Create a culture of recognition to foster loyalty and retention.
Improve Performance
If you can measure it, NextBee can reward and recognize it.
Track Results
Detailed data to get the most out of your people while improving the bottom line.
Performance Awards and Recognition Programs

Built for maximum flexibility, our platform allows you to design a recognition program that echoes your ethos and speaks to your most important contacts. With features that include peer-to-peer recognition, spot recognition from managers, and tiered point structures; you can celebrate and incentivize:

  • Attendance
  • Training
  • Events
  • Participation
  • Any activity or behavior that can be measured...

From the start, our dedicated and knowledgable staff will work closely with you to craft a program optimally suited to your unique needs and objectives. Our design and implementation team will then go to work, building everything needed while keeping you updated throughout. With the legwork done, we'll send your team customized setup instructions which they can use to get the program fully integrated and up-and-running in a matter of just a couple of hours.

Configure a rewards program that reflects your hierarchy: with NextBee you can set up tiered user portals - each with different recognition and reward capabilities - for every strata of your company.

When a manager notices, for example, a particularly deft interaction one of their team members has with a client, they can immediately login to their unique portal, select that team member; then select the action to be rewarded (i.e., Excellent Customer Service) from a drop down menu and award points. Our system will send a message to that user, notifying them and allocating the points to their account.

With peer-to-peer recognition capabilities, users can motivate and reward each other as well. They can award points, nominate other users for awards or send acknowledgement messages. Every interaction will be tracked and recorded to maintain transparency and give insights at performance review time.

In addition to spot recognitions, our program integrates with your current HR system to automate recognition for day-to-day activities: award submitting surveys and sharing ideas, or any other action you want to encourage.

What users can use their recognition points for is entirely at your discretion. Set triggers so that when someone accumulates a certain number of points, they’re automatically sent a gift card for Amazon, Starbucks or iTunes. Alternately, we can create a company rewards store where users can redeem points for anything from books or Blu-rays to iPads or cruise packages. With tiered rewards, employees will be motivated to keep striving for the next level.

Recognition can also come in the form of certificates and badges. With NextBee, you can award a worker after they receive, for example, 10 commendations from different supervisors or agents with a printable certificate celebrating their consistent effort. Or, create something akin to an internal social network with badges and leaderboards where users can see where they stand in relation to their colleagues.

Detailed Tracking Every Step of The Way

Get detailed insights into just how beneficial your recognition program is to your bottom line with NextBee's best-in-class analytics. Our intuitive dashboards can be used to create segmented reports which can be viewed by:

  • User Tags
  • Participation and Engagement
  • Performance
  • the list goes on...

Furthermore, all your data is stored on our multi-tenant system on it's own silo so if there's ever a report you want to see that's not in our standard list, simply send your account manager a quick message and they'll get that report out to you straightaway.

NextBee is relentlessly focused on user experience, customer service and comprehensive reporting because we want nothing more than for your recognition efforts to be a resounding, ROI positive success that motivates increased productivity and retention.

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